10 Good Luck Traditions From Around the World

“Alexa, play ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk.”

Who among us couldn’t do with a little extra luck in our lives? Through centuries and across the world, people have developed symbols, practices, and charms to win over Lady Luck. From throwing dinner plates at your friend’s house to wearing a wooden phallus from your waist, here are a few traditions from around the world that are said to bring good fortune.

Do NOT Do These 11 Things in the Bahamas

Ensure your impact is as positive as your experience.

When you go on vacation, you want to let loose. It’s time to indulge in delicious meals, go on adventures, and take in the beauty around you. There are people, of course, who make it all possible for you and are impacted by your visit. Here are 11 pieces of advice to heed on your next trip to the Bahamas to ensure your impact is as positive as your experience.

The 11 Most Outrageous, Over-the-Top Theme Park Suites in the U.S.

From dinosaur sleepovers to Dolly Parton dreams, you won't believe these theme park hotel suites.

There are theme park suites where you can party like a rockstar, sleep surrounded by overall-clad Minions, or even whip up a frozen concoction in your official Margaritaville blender if that’s more your style. Cost-wise, some of these stays are more accessible than others, but you might want to go ahead and add the pricier options to your bucket list as they offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences—like primo park views and top-of-the-line amenities—you’ll never forget. Thanks to these incredible suites, your theme park adventures can live on until it’s time to check-out and head back to reality. The happiness you feel when visiting your favorite theme park doesn’t have to end when you walk out of the gates.

These Famous U.S. Restaurants Will Ship Food Right to Your Door

Dinner just got way more exciting with meal kits from celebrity chef-led establishments and local restaurants people can’t get enough of.

Restaurants around the country have been hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The industry went from a booming success to being in desperate need of customers and funds, almost overnight. While many restaurants have closed permanently, others have gotten creative with how they reach diners around the country—and even around the world—with meal kit deliveries. Now fans of hundreds of restaurants can get their favorite dish, dessert, and sometimes even drinks delivered right to their front door to create themselves from the safety of their own kitchen, without having to guess what ingredients are needed or go to the grocery store. Most of these restaurants are using Goldbelly, a platform that is also helping to support essential workers through Goldbelly’s Givebelly City Subscriptions. There are six cities to choose from including New York City, New Orleans, and Miami. After choosing a city to subscribe to you’ll get monthly deliveries for three or six months with iconic dishes from some of that city’s most famous restaurants. 100% of all net proceeds go toward delivering Goldbelly meal kit boxes to vital essential workers.