Museum on the Seam


Copyright: Raphie Etgar / Wikimedia Commons
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Museum on the Seam

The past of Jerusalem is hugely fascinating, but the present is at least equally as important. Located on the very border between West and East Jeursalem, the Museum on the Seam provides great food for thought on contemporary social issues in the land. It has hosted exhibitions from some of the most important artists of our time (Bill Viola, Wim Wenders, and Anselm Kiefer to name a few). Since the exhibitions are often strongly connected to ongoing debates, they can be controversial; however, it is worth paying a visit to the museum, marked as a must-see destination by the New York Times.

Do & See

With spiritual milestones and millennia-old landmarks around every corner, Jerusalem is a labyrinth of things to do for sightseeing enthusiasts — exciting, but easily overwhelming. Below is a selection museums, places of worship, archaeological sites, and excursion ideas.